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Programme to include:

Ayres Anti-Suffragist Reasons (Poems of AD Miller)
Copland Selections: 12 Poems of Emily Dickinson
Dove Five Am’rous sighs (Lady Montagu Wortley)
Massenet Sérénade d’automne (Mme. Blanchecotte)
Philips An Amherst Bestiary (Emily Dickinson)
Schumann Gedichte der Königin Maria Stuart, Op.135

C Schumann Romance from 4 Pieces Caractéristiques Larghetto in F from 4 Pieces Fugitives
Harding Reverie

This concert is being promoted this in collaboration with Evesham’s Festival of Words. Through the ‘words of women’ in poems, letters and
musical extracts, Susanna MacRae (soprano and Royal College of
Music graduate) and pianist Claire Habbershaw (pianist and Guildhall
explore the relationship between music and literature
. Texts by
Anne Boleyn, Emile Bronte, Emily Dickenson, Alice Duer Miller and
Christina Rosetti.